Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Interlude

I am going to interrupt the series I've been writing on politics to interject some things that bear on posts to follow.   These are important principles that apply to all of life, including politics.  One of them I have blogged about before, but I wanted to bring it up again rather than have to include it in the next post.  The other is somewhat related to the first, but still important in its own right.

The one I've written about before is a working definition of truth, as given by a professor I studied under in college.  " a degree of correspondence between what is, and what is said about what is."  No matter how high up you are in the ivory towers of academe, or how elevated in political stature, sooner or later what you have said is going to be compared by others to reality; and if it does not match up, you will suffer for it one way or another.

The second one is also very important to remember.  It does not matter how pretty your theory is, how tidily it fits with your other opinions, or with your desires.  It does not matter how much government research money is available to back you up, how many degrees you and your friends have, or what the consensus among scientists is, or how many and how elaborate computer models are made....The Real World Always Wins!  Memorize that...The. Real. World. Always. Wins.!!!

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